hilarious FIRST-PERSON essays told with raw honesty.


I am ranked as a Top Writer in Love for Medium.


I am a regular contributor for HarnessMagazine.com and Barefoot Blonde. I have been featured both in print and online at For Women Who Roar. And one time I told a story on stage, you can watch it here.

I tell brutally honest stories. The kind that make you feel something - joy, sadness, a lot of things but most definitely - connection. Because all my stories are about the human condition.

My niche

I love to write about sex, dating, intimacy, and if I’m lucky enough - love.


I also write about

+ Depression & Anxiety

+ Body positivity

+ Traveling solo

+ Books, TV, and podcasts

+ Surviving sexual assault

+ Beauty , skincare, & wellness

+ A lot of other stuff

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