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What is your brand style voice?

Before you write a word of content, you must clearly define your brand voice so you can better connect with your ideal clients. Let's clarify your brand voice with 5 simple but powerful questions!

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The 5 Best Productivity Tools

To do list apps, organization apps, workflow apps - I have tried them all. And I am here to say that I now have the definitive list of great tools that every business owner, a creative, productive person needs to be using. Keep reading to learn about my top 5 apps to keep me productive!

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How To Use A Quiz As Lead Generation

Do you love Quizzes, i.e. Personality Quizzes in magazines? Have you thought about using them for Marketing, Lead Generation, Interact, Funnel Strategy, or to grow your email list as a Lead Magnet? They are genius! And so fun to make.

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How to stay Focused While Working From Home

I’ve been working from home at least part-time, for the last five years, and I can tell you that it can be the biggest blessing. I love saving time by not having a commute. It gives me so much flexibility to make doctor’s appointments or do errands. And of course, I love my dress code of yoga pants and a messy bun every day.

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How can I use oversharing as a skill?

I’ve always admired my dad’s successful career. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me different than my dad. How did our paths turn out so differently? I’ve had plenty of opportunities that should have allowed me to climb a ladder. Why didn’t they work for me? Why did they always feel wrong? Am I flawed? Or do I just have something to say?

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