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Review: lululemon's selfcare line

lululemon recently launched a selfcare product line and I got three products: dry shampoo, moisturizer, and deodorant, everything in the line except the lip balm. And I have some thoughts!!! Click to read my review of lululemon’s Selfcare line.

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Favorite Amazon Skincare Finds

My favorite skincare products I found on Amazon. They’re each super affordable, easy to use, and give serious results.

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More Favorite Beauty Products From Trader Joe's

I’ve written before about my love for Trader Joe’s Beauty Products. They are so affordable and really good quality. And they just released a whole bunch of new stuff that I had to try out. and I tried out some things that aren’t new but I am in love!

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Favorite Trader Joe's Beauty Products

My favorite section at Trader Joe’s is the bath & beauty products aisle. Trader Joe’s has introduced new products to my beauty routine that I did not even know I needed. Read more for some of my favorites.

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