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Is it stupid to be sincere?

I’ve had some pretty toxic jobs in my life. Where I was bombarded with feedback. About my hair, face, and tone of my voice. I believe that I got a lot of this feedback because I was and am authentic and live with vulnerability.

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How can I use oversharing as a skill?

I’ve always admired my dad’s successful career. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me different than my dad. How did our paths turn out so differently? I’ve had plenty of opportunities that should have allowed me to climb a ladder. Why didn’t they work for me? Why did they always feel wrong? Am I flawed? Or do I just have something to say?

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i'm a mess and that's okay

Most of my writing is very honest and vulnerable but a lot of it revolves around me forgiving others. Sometimes for what people have taught me to believe about myself. But sometimes we need to acknowledge how we have hurt others and forgive ourselves.

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