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What Does Sex Have To Do With Body Positivity?

My journey to body positivity has included, and can largely be attributed to, the boudoir photoshoots I did in 2018. It was the first time I saw myself as a sexual being, and unapologetically. When I went on a friend’s podcast to talk about body positivity, I started to think about mind blowing consensual sex as a part of loving my body.

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How to Tell if a Guy is Interested in You

I’ve been listening to a lot of dating podcasts lately. I’ve summarized what I have learned from these very interesting podcasts and my own sad dating life into a neatly organized essay on why men do the trash things they do.

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Learning to Walk Away From Guys Who Are Just Not That Into Me

I am embarrassed to admit how many men I allowed in my life (and back in, and back in) who I knew were assholes but I thought if they just liked me enough, they would change. I was so nervous that no one else would ever show me a shred of affection that I convinced myself that terrible men were decent, kind human beings worth my time. Read more about how I learned to walk away.

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Daydream Dating

I have not had a lot of boyfriends in my life. But I’ve had thousands of crushes, who I have convinced myself that they are the one. But it’s not real, and I know this, because I don’t know these men. I know things about them. I think about what I’ve learned about them and I make them fit into what I want in life and what I want from them.

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a letter to my future significant other

The Nation has a song, “Twenty Nine”, and there’s a line in it: You know I dreamed about you/For twenty-nine years before I saw you/You know I dreamed about you/I missed you for, for twenty-nine years

And that’s how I feel. I’ve been dreaming about my significant other for as long as I have lived.

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