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Is there a good reason to have an abortion?

Our society has told us that only worthy women can have abortions. Women need to have a “valid reason”. Extreme examples would be rape or health issues. But many believe that a woman should only get it if she can’t support the baby. They make a list of reasons why a woman should/should not have an abortion. And then tell us to not use the word on television, or in public.

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Is it stupid to be sincere?

I’ve had some pretty toxic jobs in my life. Where I was bombarded with feedback. About my hair, face, and tone of my voice. I believe that I got a lot of this feedback because I was and am authentic and live with vulnerability.

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I am Lucky

I am so unbelievably lucky. I will never have to write a letter to a senator telling them that the nominee they are about to consider had molested in me my sleep. I will never have to testify during a Supreme Court nomination hearing and retell my story of being sexually assaulted by my babysitter. Yes, I am lucky.

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