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I am Lucky

I am so unbelievably lucky. I will never have to write a letter to a senator telling them that the nominee they are about to consider had molested in me my sleep. I will never have to testify during a Supreme Court nomination hearing and retell my story of being sexually assaulted by my babysitter. Yes, I am lucky.

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Catching My Breath While Running

What no one tells you about being a survivor of sexual assault and sharing your story, you are constantly catching your breath while running as fast as you can. When you are public about this experience, you will get an onslaught of emotions from others - friends, family, strangers. This is the story of how I dealt with some of the added pressure.

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rubbing my scars: a story of surviving sexual assault

Trigger warning: This post contains graphic content of sexual assault and sexual abuse against a child. For a long time, I’ve thought about sharing my story of sexual assault in writing. Well today, I’m doing it. I am nervous (as fuck does not begin to cover it). But I am mostly proud and feel in control of my story for the first time in my life.

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