Review: lululemon's selfcare line

I’m in the camp that if you can swing it and if they fit, lululemon’s leggings are almost always worth the cost. Yes, the cost can be astronomical. But I found that they last forever and if there’s any damage done to them, they will replace them at no cost, no questions asked.

While I do like some of their leggings and tops, lululemon is most definitely a very problematic company.

So when I saw the company jump on the #skinfluencer bandwagon, I simultaneously rolled my eyes and thought, “this is smart.”

I would’ve never spent money on lululemon’s selfcare product line, except that my work regularly awards us with gift cards that I can use to buy retail at the studios, and I also get 30% off. I had about $75 in gift cards burning in my pocket and I wanted to get something extravagant that normally, I could never afford. Plus, our studios very rarely have attire that fits this size 16 queen.

I got three products; everything in the line except the lip balm. And I have some thoughts!!! Keep scrolling to read my review of lululemon’s Selfcare line.

lululemon face moisturizer.jpeg

Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer

$28.00 for the travel sized (0.9 fl oz)

$48.00 USD for the full sized (1.6 fl oz)


  • I like the way it closes. It’s got a lock top, so to close it you twist the top and the pump goes down, preventing any spillage. The bottle’s design is perfect for throwing in your gym bag or on the go. It’s easier to use than a tub.

  • You only need to use a little bit - maybe one or two pumps.

  • I love the gel formula. It goes on very light. While I still sweat a little while using it, it’s not a lot.

Not crazy about: I don’t have any big complaints other than the price. I don’t think it’s worth $48 for 1.6 oz. The formula is pretty similar to the Trader Joe’s gel moisturizer that I love, which is around $10 for twice the size. Granted, it doesn’t have the cool bottle but I would never pay five times as much for half the amount.

You can get it here.

lululemon dry shampoo.jpeg

No-Show Dry Shampoo

$34 for the full size (8.3 oz)

$18 for the travel size (2.4 oz)

Like: Smells great!

Not crazy about: while it eventually worked, it took a lot of spraying to see any results, which caused me to go through it really quick. I did get the travel sized but I expected it to last more than 3-4 times.

Final thoughts: I don’t think it’s worth it the cost. And if I were going to spend $34 on dry shampoo, I would invest in perfect hair day, which is $10 less than lululemon’s dry shampoo.

You can get it here.

lululemon anti stink.jpeg

Anti-Stink Deodorant 

$12 for the full (4.2 oz)

$18 for the travel size (2.4 oz)

Like: Smells good (I got the aloe lotus scent). And it works pretty well.

Not crazy about: With the few other aerosol deodorants I’ve tried, there’s a cloud of fumes after I use it, which causes me to cough for a minute or more, or I have to leave the room for 5 minutes. But again, I think that’s across the board with aerosol deodorant.

You can get it here.

All photos provided by lululemon.