How To Use A Quiz As Lead Generation

Do you love Quizzes, i.e. Personality Quizzes in magazines? Have you thought about using them for Marketing, Lead Generation, Interact, Funnel Strategy, or to grow your email list as a Lead Magnet? They are genius! And so fun to make.

I recently made a quiz using Interact, which was super easy to use and really helpful for my overall business strategy.

Keep reading to learn how I built my quiz.

Start With the Problem You Are Trying to Solve

When I started to create my quiz, I knew I wanted it to be 2 things: 1) different than other things I’ve seen out there and 2) I wanted it to be super helpful to users. Having those guiding posts in mind, I decided to leverage my strengths. I am a terrific problem-solver, but also problem-identifier. I love hearing clients talk through everything they are thinking and feeling and being able to weed through what they are saying to filter out the core issue and help them break through whatever mindset is holding them back to come up with a great solution. I came up with “What is Your Mindset Block?”.

Ultimately, your quiz needs to solve a problem that your dream customer is facing and the quiz is a vehicle to give them a quick first step in creating a solution. I also really wanted the topic of the quiz and all of the results to be easily connected to a service I offer, so that I can have a strong call to action at the end of the quiz. More on that later.


How I Built the Quiz

Once I knew what problem I would be solving, I started on the results – the four mindsets. I spent a few hours jotting down the themes I common here from clients and friends; everything that is preventing them from living their dream or making their dream more successful. Because after hundreds of hours of calls, I am all too familiar in the common things we say to ourselves and self-inhibiting behaviors we do to slow down our own success.

I chose the Personality Assessment style for my quiz because I knew I wanted to have 4 archetypes as the results. I’m sure you’re familiar with personality quizzes (love those Buzzfeed quizzes). Basically at the end of the quiz, you get one identity. For the mindset quiz I wanted each archetype to be quick expressions that the user would quickly recognize in themselves and say “YES! THAT’S ME!”.


The 4 results I came up with:

·      I’m Confused

·      I Feel Like a Fraud

·      I Can’t Focus

·      I Feel Like I’m Not Ready


Each of those archetypes are things I commonly hear, in one way or another, from clients. I’ve also personally said each of things to MYSELF! And I’ve had to work very hard to fight those self-limiting beliefs. When it came time to write the descriptions of each of those, it came super easy to me.

Creating Questions

This is probably the hardest part of creating the quiz. If you are hesitating to build your own quiz for this very reason, don’t worry! It’s hard for everyone. This is the point that I should mention that Interact has a TON of great templates to use as a base for your quiz, 100% top-to-bottom made, that you can use – at no additional cost! These templates are a great starting point that you can customize as much or as little as you’d like. If you choose to build a quiz from scratch like I did, you can use those template quizzes as inspiration for your own questions.

When coming up with questions, I tried to be as specific as possible. I would think of specific situations I’ve been in or specific problems that I (or clients) have faced. And then from there it was pretty easy to come up with four different reactions, thoughts, or ideas I might have in that situation.

The Call-to-Action

I mentioned earlier that a part of my strategy was to align the results with a service I offer, as a part of my awesome funnel strategy. In addition, I wanted to offer my FREE service as a part of the results. For the last six months, I’ve offered anyone who is interested, a free 30-minute problem solving session with me. I wanted to give anyone interested in working with me the opportunity to just word-vomit and let them pick my brain. I instantly knew this would be the perfect call to action for users after they are reading their results. Having already established this freebie made it super easy; I just copy & pasted my Calendly link to the results. I think this step is KEY to lead generation.

How I Promoted My Quiz

I ran the quiz for about a month, promoting it on my newsletter, social media, and website. I promoted the quiz on Instagram, on both my feed and my stories. I designed some graphics to post on my stories and to share on Pinterest.

I also put it on 2 places on my website. I used custom CSS to put it as a pop-up. I also inserted it in my footer. I love having the mindset quiz as my primary source for lead generation. I’ve had a few lead generators, or “freebies”, throughout Tall Hair’s history but this is my favorite. I feel like this is one of the more helpful tools but it’s also the easiest to access for users. I love not having to worry about setting-up download access. This is just super easy. When using Interact, it’s just a quick integration to your mailing list (I use MailChimp but Interact works with a number of different newsletter platforms).

Unlike my other freebies, I made the quiz results accessible without requiring an email. I will be honest, some people do take the quiz and don’t provide their email. But I am 100000% okay with that. Because I truly only want folks on the email list who want to be there! If someone doesn’t think they will get anything out of it, that is OKAY! They probably won’t if they have that mindset.

At the end of the day, I don’t want a bunch of people who will unsubscribe to my newsletter at the first email they get from me. My email list should be full of people with like-minded interests and believe that what I have to say is helpful. Ultimately, making the email optional was a decision I am really confident in

What People Said After Taking the Quiz

“I feel seen!”

“It gets people to really analyze themselves and possibly see themselves in a new light.”

“My results are spot on - I can see my brand but I have 40000 ideas creating fog after that.”


The Platform

If You’re Interested in Making Your Own List – START HERE. I found Interactive to be super easy to use and the customer service is lovely. Honestly, I never even had to reach out to anyone on the team because they are stocked with resources to help answer any question you might have while building your quiz. But not so many that it overwhelmed me. Everything was super easy to find. And as a business owner, or any person, my time is super rare and very precious, so being able to find the answers quickly is not an asset that is lost on me.

Final Thoughts

1.     Your quiz should solve a problem that your dream client is facing.

2.     The result should be an easy way for them to identify exactly what they struggle with and lead to an entry point to working with you.

3.     Take the themes that you hear every day from your clients to come up with the results.

4.     Use specific scenarios or problems to help come up with questions.

5.     Make the results accessible without requiring their email. It will help grow your email list full of people who are really interested in what you have to say (and sell).

6.     Use different mediums to promote your quiz. Custom graphics are key!

7.     Interact is super easy to use and a great resource for building quizzes.

8.     Quizzes are a very fun way to grow your email list. If built right, your dream customer will get SO MUCH out of it. And it’s an easy way to connect your lead magnet with your mailing list.



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