My Weekly Podcast Listening Schedule

I listen to a lot of podcasts. And I would love to point out that I am a podcast OG. I have been listening to them since 2008, when I got my first iPhone. Yes, I am that cool.

Why do I listen to so many? Mainly because I hate silence and listening to other people chat makes me feel less lonely.

My weekly schedule of podcasts changes every couple of weeks. Sometimes because some shows are a limited run. Other times, I just get tired of certain shows/people. Nothing against those shows or hosts. It’s just something changes for me and I no longer crave their conversational style or topics. But I’m a firm believer in that I can express that I don’t like something, while also not conveying any judgment. It's just not for me.

Any hoo - I wanted to create a master list of all the podcasts I’ve loved at one point or another, but that’s a long list and decided to start small and share my weekly podcast listening schedule.

So here is the weekly list of what I listen to day-by-day.


+ Swindled (White Collar/True Crime)

+ History Hyenas (Comedy)



+ Crime Junkie (True Crime)

+ Girls Gotta Eat (Comedy/Dating)

+ The Babysitter’s Club Club (Comedy)

+ Armchair Expert (Comedy/Interview)

+ Yung Daddy (Comedy/Dating)

+ Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend (Comedy/Interview)



+ J Train (Comedy/Advice)

+ Hollywood Handbook (Comedy)

+ True Crime Obsessed  (Comedy/True Crime)

+ The Cut (Culture)



+ You Made it Weird (Comedy/Interview)

+ Berning In Hell (Comedy/Mental Health)

+ Modern Love (Culture)

+ U Up? (Comedy/Dating)

+ Judge John Hodgman (Comedy/Culture)



+ Oops (Comedy)

+ Throwing Shade (Comedy/News)

+ Doughboys (Comedy)

+ High and Mighty (Comedy)

+ Reply All (Culture)

+ My Favorite Murder (Comedy/True Crime)

+ Pod Save America (News/Comedy)



+ J Train

+ How Did This Get Made? (Comedy)

+ Criminal (True Crime)

+ Why Won’t You Date Me? (Comedy/Dating)


Clearly, I love comedic podcasts, especially if they are focused on relationships/sex. And obviously, some true crime. Every once in awhile, I try to listen to inspirational or business shows, but I can’t get into it long-term.

I’m sure I am missing some. But I am always looking for more recommendations! What podcasts are you listening to???

weekly podcast listening schedule.png