Loving Lately: August 19

This Instagram Account

If you’re like me, and you have an obsession with lifestyle bloggers, you probably love fancy travel Instagram accounts. Their feeds are littered with beautiful, thin, white women effortlessly posing in front of exotic locations like Marakesh or Jakarta or a stunningly beautiful, somehow completely private, pool of water with a waterfall in Bali. I love following these accounts for the gorgeous pops of color and travel inspiration but it usually gives me some anxiety about my own feed and how hard it is to get pictures of myself, especially while travelling. But nevertheless, I persist in following these accounts. But also, I don’t love how all the women look like each other. There’s basically two types - brunette and blonde. So that’s why I am obsessed with @fatgirlstravelling. It’s got all fun the adventure and color and aesthetic of these other travel accounts but filled with women of different body shapes and sizes and colors. I love it. Give them a follow.

This Book

It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single by Sara Eckel

I listened to this as an audiobook finishing most of it during a Sunday I was working on some Tall Hair stuff. Eckel is so compassionate to her single readers, really understanding so much of what we think about on a daily basis. I loved that she took the perspective of taking down those common things single people are sick of hearing from their friends and family. And really comes from a place of loving kindness. It’s not filled with tips on dating but any recommendations she makes are about mindfulness or meditation.

This Article

New York Times published an article a few weeks ago about podcasts.

This Episode

The Cut On Tuesdays, an amazing podcast, had a great episode recently. The first half made my blood boil, but it’s important to listen to. And the second half is such a fucking wild story. I love it. The episode is called “Blocking a Million Bad Men”.

You can listen to the episode here.