Loving Lately: July 22nd

this blog

If you like color, retro/vintage style, inspiring messages, easy DIY solutions for style, cooking, and living, you must follow - Oh So Graceful. Ally and Caroline are childhood BFFS and run this blog together. And it is absolutely pure feminist genius. I love it.

Their instagram is bursting with colorful photos, and nightly design posts. Caroline, a trained illustrator, makes the most amazing inspirational, unique designs. I am always reposting in my stories because every single one makes me smile!

I love their shop! This print is my favorite. And I’m even drawn in it!!! And their tee shirts are hilarious and adorable.

One of my favorite blog posts is written by Ally, “I Hate Being Pregnant, I Love My Baby”. It is so real. So funny. I’m not pregnant, don’t ever want kids, and somehow relate to everything Ally writes about in here.

Bonus: They are starting a podcast very soon! And I will be a very small part of it in some way. In the meantime, you can read my interview with Caroline & Ally here.

Little Feminist Board Book Set
By Galison, Emily Kleinman

this baby gift

My best friend is having a baby in TWO months! It feels very weird to say that. And I don’t believe it’s real. But I do believe that I need to get some gifts for the little bundle of love STAT.

Thank goodness I found the Little Feminist books. I LOVE these little books for baby boys or girls. Because everyone needs to know great feminists from day one on earth. They are the perfect baby shower gift.

These come in a few different collections - Little Artists, Little Scientists, etc. so if you need a great idea for a unique baby shower gift - I highly recommend checking these out.

this campaign

Forget the nordstrom sale. You don’t need more stuff. You don’t need to create more waste. You don’t need an excuse to spend money. You need to put your money where your mouth is. And where others women’s voice are uplifted and supported. Harness Magazine has five days left in their kickstarter campaign and we need to raise about $10,000. It’s super obtainable. But I need your help. I need you to donate $5 or $10 (link in bio).

It is so important that you do this! Because this is an all or nothing campaign. If the goal isn’t reached, we likely won’t have this important platform to share women’s voices. I’ve been lucky enough to be shard on Harness a few times, and it has done WONDERS for my writing career. I really need you to do this. Head to the link in my bio! It’ll take less than 5 minutes. You can donate here.

this app

Spoiler: it’s not the Face App. Honestly, I am kind of confused over the macro obsession with that. Yes, I did it. Yes, I looked gross. But why does it feel like an app that we’ve had for a long time? It just doesn’t feel that interesting to me. Sure, it’s fun to do, but it’s definitely an app that won’t be mentioned after another week.

More important and meaningful apps - I love the Tezza app for editing photos. Very fun, travel inspired filters to beef up your IG game.

this book

If you have a complicated relationship with your mother, this book will go a LONG way in making you feel normal. “What My Mother and I Don’t talk About” is filled with poignant, raw, and vulnerable essays from different authors describing their relationships with their moms. Not all of them are contentious but they are all complicated in some way. I read this on Mother’s Day; it was hard to get through at times but it was mostly really inspiring to me.