Loving Lately: July 8

this article

I loved reading this Dear Polly article. Even though so much of the work I’ve done on myself the past 5+ years has been around “being an asshole”, and I feel like I’ve improved a lot here, I still felt like this was relevant to me. And TBH anyone.

this podcast

I binged on a bunch of episodes of Terrible Thanks for Asking a couple of weeks ago, until late in the morning. Until I was crying in bed (FYI – not wine induced). This show is great and I’m not always in the mood for it but I really needed it. I’ve been suppressing a lot of my sadness/depression/loneliness lately. Partly because I don’t have many people to talk to these days, don’t have a new therapist here in Denver, and partly because I feel like I have to maintain the very small amount of I-have-my-shit-together-ness that I have left right now in the eyes of most people who know me. It’s not my style to do that. And I don’t recommend anyone do it. Sadly though, I don’t have a lot of options lately. Anyway, listening to these raw stories forced me to feel. And I felt so seen, so inspired, and so loved.

this thing

Trader Joe’s Multi Vitamin for Women: I started to notice that I’ve had more energy than normal, and I think it’s because of these guys. I didn’t expect that, so I swear it’s not placebo. I took some the other day when I was hungover, and the hangover went away five times as fast. It has salmon oil in it, which a lot of multivitamins don’t, or if they do, they are super expensive. For under $10 a bottle, it’s the best find ever. And yes, I know my Trader Joe’s wellness/beauty thing is kind over done lately, but I will never not share the good word of T Joe’s.

this app

The Pattern: this app is really cute. I’ve been describing it to friends as like “horoscopes but without any mention of moons or Mercury”. It’s wildly accurate. But you do have to know your birth time, so call your parents up if you don’t know!

this episode

This Girls Gotta Eat episode: Titled, “Happy Being Alone”, it’s obviously relevant to me. But when it came on my podcast feed last Monday, I wasn’t expecting to be surprised by anything, since again, I’ve done so much work on myself (I’m practically perfect at this point tbh), and I’m relatively comfortable being single. And obviously being alone isn’t that big of a deal for me, I’ve traveled to 11 countries solo. But guest, Maria Del Russo, with Rayna and Ashley, really brought up some great points that have helped make me feel more confident and grounded in my power. I listened to the episode twice.

This quote

“The wake of the boat has no indication of where the boat is going.”