The Best Amazon Finds For The Bathroom


a shower head for people with thick hair

I bought this handheld shower head because I wanted an easier way to wash my dog, Daphne. I bought this one because has great reviews and it is very inexpensive.

I was blown away when I started using it. It increased the water pressure so much; even in my shitty old apartment with rotting plumbing. I was living in that apartment for about 2 years when I bought this, and I thought I was doomed to have terrible to mediocre water pressure for the rest of my time there, which is very inconvenient for anyone with long, thick hair. This cut down my shower time in half (ok, I don’t actually know if it did, but it definitely felt like it).

I love this shower head SO much, that I have bought it for two people since then. When staying at my friend Jackie’s place and my brother’s place, and using their showers, I was disappointed in their water pressure. As soon as I got back home, I purchased one for both of them and they love it too.

It’s the best shower head for water pressure, even if your place is old. And it is so affordable, ( I bought mine for $20, but when I bought it for my brother it was on sale for less than $10), it doesn’t make sense to not try it out.


a shower caddy for people who have a lot of bottles

I live with my cousin, Erin. We both have long, thick, color treated hair. We both love body washes, scrubs, etc. Erin also has two kids. At this very moment, we have 27 bottles in the shower.

I got this for us to have something to organize our shower shit. I was drawn to it because of the price and reviews, and we needed one that would definitely work with a handheld shower head (see above) but I also liked that it was different than the typical caddy.

Because the bottle holders are on an angle, it’s way more stable. And if you put the bottle in cap first, the liquid floats to the top, making it easier to get the goods out of the bottle. It also has two soap bars and 4 hooks.

As someone who has bought lots of shower caddies at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond throughout the years, I didn’t think there was much of a difference, but this one is definitely a star in the shower caddy community. It holds a lot, it’s stable af, and it’s CAY-UTE! Highly recommend for families or roomates.


a shower curtain for people who can’t stand silence

I am waiting for the meme to come out that has a photo of a bulky PC, in a small bathroom sink, surrounded by steam. Underneath it says “Kids these days don’t even know the struggle of what we went through to listen to music during a shower.”

Remember the days before iPods and iPhones? We all had to listen to music from our laptop. It was a pain. Now, I don’t listen to a lot of music, unless I am working out. But I listen to a lot of podcasts, audiobooks, and watch endless TV streaming services. I always have one of those playing. I love having the background noise. Especially in the shower. But that can get hard with speakers, etc.

With this shower curtain, I don’t need any speakers. I can put my phone or mini iPad in a sleeve, and I can hear the sound perfectly when I shower. The sleeves are facing outwards so the device does not get wet.


for people with towels

Because everyone has towels. And everyone needs hooks to hang said towels.


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