my favorite dresses from amazon

All of these dresses are about $20-30, comfortable, fun, & they all have pockets.

dress #1

amazon dress with pockets.JPG
amazon dress with pockets.JPG

This is the first dress, or piece of clothing, I bought from Amazon. It was kind of an impulse buy because I never considered buying clothes on Amazon. But after a few more strategic, mostly floral, purchases, I was hooked and it’s probably where I get a good portion of my clothes these days.

This dress is comfy af. The back has a deep v neck, which is kind of sexy. It is the most flattering of all of the dresses on this list. Even though it looks like it could be baggy, it really does hang well. I also love that it’s ALMOST a maxi, but stops around mid calf, so it doesn’t drag on the ground.

Comes in a handful of colors. It looks like it only goes to a Large, but I’m usually a XL and got a Large and it fit fine. Its very roomy. Maybe size down?

I get at least 2 compliments every time I wear it, which is impressive considering it’s essentially an oversized black pillowcase. But that’s how amazing it is. I’ve worn this dress with sneakers, sandals, and even heels. It’s the best and of course #pockets.


You can purchase it here.


dress #2

This dress has really, really high reviews (1,300+ 5 star reviews), which surprises me, because it’s probably my least favorite on the list. But it’s still awesome: I love the floral, t’s comfortable, has pockets. The thing that I don’t love is the material - it’s polyester, which I didn’t realize before purchasing. It looks a little cheap, and I just never loved the look of it wearing it out. I still wore it, but not as much as I would have expected. But now that I live in an apartment complex with a pool, this floral number has found a new purpose. The polyester is perfect to throw over a wet suit.

This dress comes in 25 different colors/floral patterns and goes up to a XXXL. I got a XL (I’m a size 16) and it’s very comfortable. It has a relaxed fit, which is nice. There’s a bit of cleavage.


You can purchase it here.


dress #3

I bought two colors of this dress, right off the bat.

I like to wear this dress on dates during the winter. It’s very cute with tights and boots. I like to wear a bodysuit underneath because the dress “scrunches” right under the bust, it can look lumpy, and the suit just helps to smooth it out. I don’t always feel like it’s the most flattering for my body shape, but I can’t exclusively wear sheath dresses, even I have to switch it up. Also, fuck “flattering”. Flattering is code for “look thin” and I’m not embarrassed that I have fat on my body.

It looks like it’s unavailable on the original listing I bought mine from but there’s a lot that are similar (probably exactly the same). Comes in five colors and goes up to an XXL. For reference, I got two colors, one in a XL and one in a XXL, I’m a size 16-18. I prefer the way the XXL fits, it’s more comfortable and more flattering.

This one is about $26 and you can find them here.

amazon floral dress with pockets.jpg

dress #4

I’m sad that I couldn’t find any photos of me wearing this. But realistically, I only wear this 1-2 times per season, It’s a statement piece, which means that I get dozens of compliments every single time I wear it but it’s recognizability means that I can only wear it so often.

It’s the perfect house dress. Or hungover brunch dress. This dress is just comfortable as sweats but I feel a little bit more glam than when I wear sweats.

After dress #1, this is the second most flattering of the dresses. I got a XL and it’s roomy. This dress goes up to XXL.

This is also 95% poly, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel/look as cheap to me as dress #2. Maybe because of the lighter color. Also I might not care because I stumbled upon this in the middle of winter and it was $10. Even though I knew I couldn’t wear it for a few more months, the price was so good.

Unfortunately, the price isn’t so low. It’s now $21.99 and you can get it here.

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best dresses from amazon