What is your brand style voice?

Is your voice the same on your website, resume, facebook, LinkedIn, and in your emails? If not, you're probably confusing your readers; making it harder for them to trust you.

you probably need a brand voice style guide.

Voice and tone are frequently forgotten when creating brands. Most of think of logos and colors. But these components are crucial for keeping a cohesive brand identity and building trust with your audience.

You need to develop and maintain the style guide for your brand.

Your brand style style voice takes into account your brand’s:

  • mission

  • vision

  • values

  • personality

  • content themes

  • business goals

When used correctly, your brand voice style guide creates consistency across your content and reinforces who you are and what you do.

Are you ready to streamline copy on the website improving tone and readability, while supporting your brand and business goals?

Before you write a word of content, you must clearly define your brand voice so you can better connect with your ideal clients. Let's clarify your brand voice with 5 simple but powerful questions!

When you’ve completed the quiz, you will have a specific profile to guide your brand style voice, making it easy to streamline all of the content your audience encounters when engaging with your brand is consistent and on-brand.

Take the quiz below.


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