Everything I Bought on Amazon Last Week

Yes, I use Amazon way too much. Yes, I am broke af right now.

BUT…..this time I have a really good excuse.

I’ve been doing a bunch of user-experience interviews with apps/websites, just randomly. I was customers of these sites and they reached out to me to do an info interview and paid me in Amazon gift cards! So I had some money to spend! And girl, i spent it.

Reminder: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


A sweatshirt/long sleeve tee blend

I was (and still am) in desperate need for simple, comfortable, and stylish tops because whenever I go shopping, I mostly buy dresses. But I hardly wear dresses these days and I need more tops.

This is super cute and comfy. It kind of looks like a sweatshirt, but it’s light like a tee shirt.

The color is more bubble gum pink than I was expecting. I was hoping for like a mauve or dusty rose but this is lighter than that, which makes it harder for me to rewear between washes because I will 100% inevitably spill food/coffee/wine on it and it will show on this shade of pink.

A Sexy Black Body Suit

Love this girl. This bodysuit is sexy and comfortable and makes my boobs look divine. I don’t often wear tight fitting or low-cut tops because I get a little nervous when men stare at me, while slightly loving the attention, it’s really confusing and I try to avoid that contradiction in my brain. But after a year of dressing like a boy, I am looking to up my sexy right now.

Head’s up: it runs a little small, so size up. I’m a 16 with 38DD, and the XL fits me but doesn’t leave much room.

An Oversized Fuzzy Coat

To be honest, I saw Insta influencers wearing these a year ago and thought they were kind of ugly but it’s so funny how hundreds of images of hot thin white women wearing it in front of pretty backdrops can change your mind.

This is super warm and cozy but SUPER SHITTY zipper. It’s difficult to zip up and today, wearing it for the third time, I broke the zipper tag off. It bent on wear #2 and today it just snapped off like the cheapest metal ever. I am seriously considering returning it.

I recommend spending the extra $20 and getting a nicer one. Not sure exactly where, but these are super popular right now and probably everywhere.

A Chicago Cub’s Baseball Cap

Not great timing, as the Cubs are not in the playoffs but I don’t give a f*ck! I am wild like that!

But for real, I’m not a huge sports fan but I do love the cubs, in a ‘I don’t follow them religiously but will watch their games if it is on TV at the bar and tell everyone how much I love them’ kind of way.

I wanted a cute sporty look. I’ve never been into hats much, mostly because I have big Irish head but I think I look kind of cute in this one.

Biore Charcoal Acne Clearing Cleanser

I love this face wash. I’ve been using the other version, specifically for acne (it’s green instead of orange on the bottle) but amazon didn’t have that option. Both are great!

Head’s up - it’s pretty strong, I wouldn’t say harsh though (it’s not like Benzoyl Peroxide) but it’s probably not for sensitive skin.

I let this sit on my face for 5-10 minutes and my skin feels super clean after.

I talk more about my favorite skincare products from Amazon here.


My Favorite Moisturizer

I grew up watching my mom douse her skin in Nivea religiously. Inevitably, when we left the house, I would always have to tell her that she still had the white cream all over her face. I started getting Nivea a few years ago, because I’m sure those moments are nostalgically engrained in me forever but I do actually love it.

I do the same thing I watched my mom do: cover my face in the thick cream and let it soak in. But I stay inside until it’s fully absorbed.

Can people with oily or combination skin use Nivea?

Yes, absolutely. I have oily skin and it does not cause me to break out ever. But it’s probably not everyone’s daily moisturizer. I use it most days, but not first thing in the morning daily. I think it’s best applied after exfoliating, dermarolling, and serum.

Why you should use Nivea right now?

It’s especially great for the dry seasons, fall and winter. It’s a thick cream and super moisturizing. I love putting it on my hands and elbows too. Hot tip: smother your feet in Nivea before bed, throw on some sporty socks, and wake up to smooth feet.