50 Simple Acts of Self-Care

It is World Mental Health Day!

To celebrate World Mental Health Day 2019, I have compiled a list of 50 Simple Acts of Self-Care. What I love about this list is that most of the ideas can be accomplished in 10 minutes and/or can be done without buying anything or going anywhere.

I have a really amazing friend who always has great advice for me when I am really overwhelmed, anxious, spiraling, depressed - what is the smallest thing you can do now to feel better? And that’s the goal of this list.

These self-care ideas are meant to make you feel good, or better. They can be done anytime but could be especially good in a time of anxiety or depression.

Some of these acts I do on the regular. Some I do every now and again. Some I have never done but sounds really great!

More than anything, this list is meant to inspire the way you think of self-care and ways to feel better when you’re having a real shit day/week/month/year/life.

50 Simple Acts of Self-Care 

1.     Bake something

2.     Breathe in for four seconds and out for four

3.     Buy flowers

4.     Take a long shower. Sit in it

5.     Write a letter to yourself in third person

6.     Call someone you enjoy talking to

7.     Cancel plans that are stressing you out

8.     Clean out your closet

9.     Hug someone

10.  Take your medication, if you haven’t already

11.  Read a magazine

12.  Clean out your inbox

13.  Copy down your favorite quotes and mantras in a journal

14.  Dance for 30 seconds to a song you love

15.  Delete apps you’re not using

16.  Take a scenic drive

17.  Read a wiki article on a part of history that you like

18.  Wear sexy lingerie

19.  Write down 5 things you’re proud you did in the last year

20.  Get a drink or meal alone

21.  Give a social media shout out to someone you’re proud of or admire

22.  Go through photos of a favorite vacation

23.  Light a scented candle

24.  List five skills you have

25.  Lotion your whole body

26.  Walk aimlessly in a neighborhood you love

27.  Wash your sheets and towels

28.  Make a vision board

29.  Masks, both hair and face

30.  Masturbate

31.  Meditate for ten minutes

32.  Open a window

33.  Organize your books by color or topic

34.  Practice putting on makeup

35.  Take a multivitamin

36.  Put thick cream on your face and let it soak in

37.  Read a book outside

38.  See a movie alone

39.  Sit by a creek, river, lake, or any body of water

40.  Style your hair

41.  Take a bath

42.  Clean out your purses and backpacks

43.  Take three things off your to do list

44.  Text someone you miss “I love you”

45.  Write in a journal exactly how you’re feeling unfiltered

46.  Watch Queer Eye

47.  Organize your work space or kitchen

48.  Stretch

49.  Listen to your favorite comedian’s album or podcast

50.  Remind yourself you are loved

What are some of your favorite acts of self-care? Tell me in the comments. I am always looking for more!

And the very most important thing I want to share here: even on your worst days, when even the smallest task feels impossible, when you believe that you have no reason to live, when all you can do is cry and sleep - you are lovable, loved, and love.


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