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Over the past month or so, I have been terrible with posting on my blog. And I’ve been feeling really bad about that. Partly because if there is anyone out there that reads my blog regularly, I want ot be able to post content consistent for them. Not sure I have too many religious readers though. But thank you in advance if you are! Mostly, I feel like I’ve been letting myself down.

My sparse posts are for good reason though! I have been working on a lot of things – personally and professionally and I want to loop you into what is going on.

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First, you might have seen on my Instagram that I was travelling for two weeks. I went to LA for almost a week. From LA I hopped over to Idaho to spend a full week in Boise visiting my brother and other family. Both trips were fantastic. I was surprised at how much I loved LA. People are a lot nicer than the stereotype lets on. It’s beautiful. In addition to the beach, I was obsessed with the architecture. It’s different than the East Coast or Midwest because it was developed later and really rings of mid-century modern and 70s retro. Maybe I will do a separate LA post, but I don’t know, I might have forgot everything I did already.

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Second, I have officially started my job hunt. We all know how long it can take to find a new job and we’ve all heard “looking for a job is a full-time job itself”. This is doubly true if you are like me now and are very picky about what you are looking for. I didn’t want to rush into this job search. I wanted to take 3-4 months off from everything professional – completely rest and reset. I have been using this summer to get clear on what is really important to me and develop into the woman I love. Starting in early August, I launched my job search. Prepping for interviews and doing the “hiring activities” has taken up a bit of my time.

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Third. If you read my last post, you are aware that I’ve been dealing with some residual impact (both positive and negative) from sharing my story of sexual assault. There is a lot of self-care involved in this and I’ve been devoting a lot of time and energy here to make sure I take care of myself. Sometimes this means that I don’t write (or post) as much as I would like.  

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Lastly. I am starting a design studio – Tall Hair Creative. This has been a lifelong dream of mine, and at the same time an idea that did not really come together until a few weeks ago.

I have always dreamed of owning my own business but was never really sure what I wanted to do. I would often think of an idea and talk myself out of it the next day by telling myself someone else is already doing it - or - someone else can do it better - or - I’m not ready.

Then I finally realized that all of those things are true and false at the same time. When I finally realized what I really love to do and what I am really good at - I thought about design. At its core, THC is a design studio. We design organizations, brands, and lives. You don’t often see these services offered at one firm but I saw this intrinsic link connecting them all - storytelling.

When I started writing privately, I started to get clear on so much – my past and my present. And when I launched my blog in January 2018, I learned the power of storytelling. Through sharing my experiences and most vulnerable feelings on a public platform, I learned that storytelling is the best way to know ourselves, experience genuine connection, and live authentically.

I truly believe there is something very powerful in knowing and owning your story. This power can be transferred to org design, brand design, and life design. And that is what I think makes Tall Hair so unique and so impactful.

We offer:

Brand Design - logo, brand identity and position, website design, copy and messaging, etc

Org Design - strategy design, team/skill development, process design

Life Design - one-on-one coaching

— go to tallhaircreative.com to learn more and learn how they all intertwine.

Right now, I am working with some clients, pro bono style, so that I can build my portfolio. It’s been a crazy month because I have no idea what I am doing to set all this up, but I am figuring it out along the way and having a blast. This is the most alive I’ve felt – ever. It’s really hard and scary but I love it.

I’m sure I will have so much more to share throughout the next few months as we prepare to launch (thinking November 2018) and I’m sure a lot will change. So stay tuned - here on the blog and on instagram @tallhaircreative. If you have any questions about THC – feel free to email me at stephanie@tallhaircreative.com.

Love you,


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Not sorry for how the amount of photos of myself is not proportionate to the amount of text because I am obsessed with this photoshoot (oh which I have 400 more photos with 4 more outfits….OMG. Thank you - www.arastasiaphotography.com)

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