Why I think it's ok to be lazy & lushy

I love the instagram accounts I follow that have inspiring messages. Cute little "Boss Babe" or "Everyday I'm Hustling", in pink and teal, curly font. They have a lot more content than that. Posts that really do inspire me or remind me of great things.

Sometimes they exhaust me. Like how does someone "slay every day'? I'm exhausted working from home for a day and going to the grocery store. I don't have the energy to do everything I'm supposed to do every day. If I did, I would be running the sluttliest swipiest dating app in San Fran right now. But I don't hustle that hard. I love hanging out with my friends. I love traveling - with no agenda. I love drinking at the bar across the street until 2am with the band of misfits from the neighborhood (of which I am included). I love going to yoga, spin, and running. OMG and Netflix. How could I forget Netflix until now? Fuck, sorry. I love streaming tv. HBO and Hulu included. I love TV. I think its such an amazing way to tell human stories. I love all these things and a million more. I don't know if I should feel bad for loving these things and for doing them.

Here is a fraction (roughly 1/8) of the things I should have done today:

  • drop off my laundry

  • go to a Soul Connect event

  • deal with my grad school tuition bill

  • deal with the irs and Cleveland taxes

  • write a post on love and connect it with MLK

  • some type of work out (although I'll give myself a break here because I've been sick for the last 10 days, but I needed some movement).

I didn't do anything on my "To Do" list today. But I did go to therapy, where my therapist told me I've grown so much and he wished he had recorded me talk about how I'm centering everything on love so he could show people. I did take a really long, hot shower where I used a bunch of body scrubs and a hair mask, while I sipped on rose. I also did my dishes. I mostly drunk texted my friends how much I love them and love the Kesha album. (because holy shit).

My hair feels soft. I feel relaxed. I forgive myself for not being a "hustling babe" today. Today, I'm just human; a Minimum Viable Adult. Just have the basic requirements that allow me to function and making slow incremental improvements. I'm not going to save the world today. I'm not going to become a genius famous writer tomorrow. I'm going to be every day.  So I have to listen to my body. And today, my body is telling me that it wants to clean my apartment, drink wine, snuggle with my dog, and listen to Kesha (because duh).

If that makes me less of a "Boss Babe", that's ok. I'm just me. I'll do great things as me. Just might not be today.