My Interview with Oh So Graceful

I was really lucky to be interviewed by Caroline and Ally of Oh So Graceful, which is probably the cutest and most intentional lifestyle blog & shop out there. They have really beautiful and unique ideas like how to make a holiday wreath with vintage ornaments. And they also talk about mental health (hello adult ADHD, I am here for it). And they have the cutest and prettiest designs that you can see on their Instagram or in their shop (I am putting the What Would Dolly Do? shirt on my Christmas list).

I can’t say enough good things about Caroline, Ally, and Oh So Graceful. So when Caroline reached out to do an interview with me I was kind of surprised (WHO ME?!). But she had the kindest words about my blog and my writing. It was clear that they got me and I got them.

Stephanie has an absolutely incredible way with words that resonate with you so deeply, even if the specifics don’t apply to you. She makes you feel like you are reading about yourself. Or your best friend. Or your sister. You can’t help but become emotionally invested when reading her posts.
— Caroline, Oh So Graceful

We did an awesome interview and a gorg photoshoot. I had the best time.

You can read it all here.


All photographs by Caroline Pivovar. You can find more of her work or session inquiry information at

Stephanie DeLacy unapologetically shares what it’s like to navigate the world as 20-something white girl, with humor, profanity, and raw vulnerability. Stephanie recounts stories of her travel, mental health, and the journey to loving her body. Her descriptions of dating are bawdy but incredibly relatable. She courageously describes her dysfunctional childhood, healing from trauma, and how she’s evolved as a survivor of sexual assault. At times, heart wrenching, her stories will evoke raw emotion and connect to you on the most guttural level. She hopes to inspire authentic living and human connection.  Stephanie lives in Cleveland with her dog and two cats.