Favorite Trader Joe's Beauty Products

Trader Joe’s is the perfect grocery stop in my opinion. They have great options for pre made meals. It’s not the most expensive grocery store. Their products are inspired by cultures from all over the world. And while not being a super-sized store that takes 40 minutes to get from one side to the other, they still offer a lot of non-grocery items, which cuts my errand list down by one or two items.

My favorite section of the non-grocery items is the bath & beauty products. Trader Joe’s has introduced new products to my beauty routine that I did not even know I needed. Below are some of my favorite.


Lavender Salt Scrub

I use this religiously in the shower. This scrub is moisturizing and exfoliating. I instantly see my skin soften and brighten up, especially my hands and elbows. If I use it on my feet every time I shower, it completely removes all of the dry hard skin on my heels, keeping my feet soft and smooth in between pedicures. And the lavender smell is oh so relaxing!

Trader Joe's Lavender Body Scrub.jpg

Facial Cleansers

SPA Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil

I’ve been using this face wash for years. I always have a bottle of it in my shower. The tea tree oil is great at clearing up blemishes and removing dirt. And it such a great value, you only need one squirt, making it last for months after most face washes do.

trader joe's tea tree oil Face Wash.jpg

Natural Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads

All of the benefits of the face wash with the convenience of pads. These are perfect to keep in on hand, i.e. car, bag, or office. I keep these pads by my bed at night when I’ve forgotten to wash my face and I am too tired to get up.

trader joe's tea tree oil Pads.jpg

Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub

This is a great facial cleanser for exfoliating. Because it’s an exfoliant, I recommend only using it 2-4 times per week, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Bonus: it smells like blueberries and every time I use it, I get compliments on how good I smell.

trader joe's Blueberry facial scrub.jpg


Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

It’s a relatively new product for Trader Joe’s and I’m terrified they will discontinue it, so each time I make a trip to the store I buy three or four. I have completely stopped using conditioner and only use this hair mask. A big problem I have with hair masks is how they leave my hair feeling greasy or weighed down by product, but this magical product leaves my long, thick, often tangled hair, soft and shiny. The best part? I usually go four days in between washing now.

trader joe's Hair Mask.jpg


Rose Water Facial Toner

When I first saw this on TJ’s shelves, I was confused why one would need rose water spritzed on their face. But I had to find out what all the fuss was about. The Rose Water Facial Toner has been a perfect addition to my skin for these hot summer days. A couple of spritzes and I feel refreshed. The rose water has a lot of anti-inflammatory components, reducing redness on the skin. It doesn’t have to be hot outside to use this product though, it’s great for a post-workout refresh or anytime you want to wash your face but you don’t have access to a shower or sink.

Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Toner.jpg

Antioxidant Facial Serum

Here is why I love the Antioxidant Facial Serum: it absorbs quickly, leaves my skin feeling soft as butter, and it is a fraction of the price of high end serums without losing any quality. Do you need any more reasons?

Trader Joe's Facial Serum.jpg

Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion

After I put on the serum, I apply moisturizer to lock it in. I’ve tried a few moisturizers at trader Joe’s but this one is my favorite. It is pretty light as far as moisturizers go. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. The SPF is an added bonus for me because I am terrible with applying sunscreen daily.

Trader Joe's Moisturizer.jpg


These are just my favorites but I’ve tried many other of their products and have always had a good experience with them. Next time you have to pick up some groceries and if you live near a Trader Joe’s be sure to try out these products and more.

Happy shopping!

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