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stephanie delacy

freelance writer & content creator


I feel most alive when I am writing and I feel most connected to people when I share my writing. I am based in Denver and love to explore the world, even though it terrifies me every time I do it. I am passionate about inspiring vulnerability, connection & courage.

Sometimes my anxiety is so high it’s hard to breathe. Sometimes my depression is so low my body aches. I cry easily in public. I drink too much and don’t eat enough vegetables. You might describe me as a mess. But I love. The very core of me is pure love.

I overshare about my adventures in solo travel, trying to date, learning to love my body, and authentic living.My writing is filled with humor, profanity, and raw honesty.

I am ranked as a Top Writer in Love for Medium. I am a regular contributor for and Barefoot Blonde. I have been featured both in print and online at For Women Who Roar. And one time I told a story on stage, you can watch it here.