hi, i’m stephanie

i’m a freelance writer & content creator

…and this is my online diary where I document all things from relationships, sex, travel to books and beauty.

Lady Tall Hair was born from my love of writing and the belief that it can bring clarity, confidence, and connection. I feel most alive when I am writing and I feel most connected to people when I share my writing.

I currently live in Denver with my dog, Daphne and cat, Pizza Baby.

I love to explore the world, even though it terrifies me every time I do it. I am passionate about inspiring vulnerability, connection & courage.

Sometimes my anxiety is so high it’s hard to breathe. Sometimes my depression is so low my body aches. I cry easily in public. I drink too much and don’t eat enough vegetables. You might describe me as a mess. But I love. The very core of me is pure love.

Here I will overshare about my adventures in solo travel, trying to date, learning to love my body, and authentic living. My writing is filled with humor, profanity, and raw honesty. From my more personal posts to my beauty posts, I hope Lady Tall Hair inspires you to dig deep into your own messiness, explore the beauty in it, and use that power to cultivate love.


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as a content strategist

I work with female-facing brands to craft their website copywriting, social media engagement, emails, marketing content into content that supports brand goals & ultimately is what readers want to see on their screen. Learn more about hiring Lady Tall Hair for Content Strategy.

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